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Yes the spent millions on lawyers but you............

Posted by: Sean L O'Connor ( Canada ) on July 06, 1998 at 11:10:20:

yes they did but what you have given them is worth more than and any dollar spent on advertising produced by a professional ad/image creating agency could ever doooooooo. The research stats show that 80% of all advertising is useless and a complete waste of financial resources. The TRUTH is McDonalds did exactly what they should have ........used you (the average citizen) to speak directly to thier taget markets around the world. The bottom line is for every one customer they will lose from the publicity they will find 4 knew ones. The gimmic your completly missings is that McDonalds uses the circus atmosphere not because its traditional but because it causes INTRIGUE/INTEREST and now with your efforts (and they are honorable in my mind) to make that 80% of the advertising dollar completely USEFULL........

the PROOF............ i am millions of Canadians and Americans followed your story on 60 Minutes both now and will again on repeat off season broadcasts, and then i acted on it ............so who is really going to win with you WEB page and downloads etc etc etc..............seems to meeee that the 80% of useless advertising dollar is now 0% useless........

In the words of another great american (other than BIG MAC)

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