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Posted by: Annie ( USA ) on July 06, 1998 at 12:25:57:

McDonalds: High prices,
Overcooked or undercooked food, take your pick!
Overworked employees who are rude to customers,
Filthy conditions in the customer areas as well as behind the counter, at the working stations,
When the health department gets a complaint of food poisoning by McDonalds Customers, the employees are made to change the oil in the fryvats,
Vermin of all kinds are prone to live in the batters of pancake mix and other such ingrediences that McDonalds uses to make their products...

I can go on and On!
Do we want to continue to patronize diseased ridden fast food establishments such as McDonalds!!!!

We have a right as consumers to make choices concerning our health and welfare, and as a consumer we have the right to protect our families from anything that will harm them.
Check with your city Health Authorities to check on violations in McDonalds and Other fast food places.
They will be glad to tell you what the violations of these places are...

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