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Facts are Facts...Statistics Aren't

Posted by: Thomas ( USA ) on July 06, 1998 at 17:03:30:

I have read the McSpotlight site with great interest since seeing it featured on last nights 48hrs TV program in the US. While I think that the two defending individuals in McLibel did VERY well indeed (costing Mickey D $16MM in legal costs and 5 years of their time while giving up absolutely nothing), I fail to see the point in broadcasting useless statistical information.

I agree that unfair bully boy tactics are to be challenged and the bully is to be sent packing every time he rears his ugly big head. I agree that we, each of us, must know and understand the law and the issues and make our stand or just become so much dust beneath the hobnailed boot of industry. And I agree that it is honorable to fight the good fight, win or lose, you become greater for it...every time.

The crux of much of what I have seen is based on very weak arguments about what is FAIR. The remainder is based on unrealistic statistical facts (an oxymoron, really) about the disappearing rainforrest. If the rate of destruction is as actually stated (when first stated back in 1986), then the rain forrest, the great forrest belt of Canada's sub tundra, the forrests of the US, and half of Africa's forrests would already be turned into grazing land by now.

Don't misunderstnd, I do not defend Mickey Ds here...rather emplore all to cogent, factual presentation of real issues, not false imperical vapor dragons (figments of our minds..fales fears)

Look at each of these separate issues as separate issues, i.e.:

1) Labor for pay is indentured servitude, pure and simple. If you are willing to submit yourself to the indignities of working under the whim of another for the promise of a few farthings, then be at least knowing of what and who you are and SUBMIT! Don't think for one second that you will EVER be treated fairly..!!! That is not the nature of the contract...the MASTER whom you are indentured to is MASTER and you are his(her) slave for money. We don't use whips anymore, but the replacement is simply the door (which you are shown when you do not comply). If you are willing to work for pittance, then quit crying about it...nobody is FORCING you under armed guard to sign up!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!! THAT IS THE NATURE OF THE THING!! GO IN KNOWING THIS!! If Mickey D's wants to pay a crap wage, then it's their right to do so and it is your right not to work there under deploraboe conditions. If others do, that's NOT YOUR BUSINESS and it is NOT YOUR RIGHT nor YOUR CAUSE to change THEIR CONTRACT with Mickey D's.

2) We, all of us, have to stop thinking that humas are outside the ecological system and are a real and integral part of it. I am a geologist, trained in paleontology (historical geology) and have a unique perspective of this. WE ARE PART OF THE PROCESS...we do not live on the moon, and just work here...therefore, if we remove too much rainforrest, we will not destroy the world, but just make it harder to live here, and eventually, if we pollute it too much and change the climate too much, the earth will simply shake us off like so many fleas on a dogs back, then spend the next million years repairing the damage we did...BUT WE WON'T HAVE DESTROYED THE WORLD...JUST OURSELVES. So quit with the destroying the earth bit...it is false, untrue, and completely offpoint.

Get to the heart of the true argument and stick to that...it is far more scary if you think about it. Oh, yeah...and take the passion out of it...it doesn't sell anymore...nobody is listening. Facts speak nowadays.

3) On the issue of rights....rights are a really tricky thing. Rights are different in all parts of the earth. They are what God has freely given to each one of us and what we, by social association (in cogent societies) have allowed to be governed (each of us) by compact, treaty, or declaration.

In a commercial society, we all have, generally, the same commercial rights to contract, and conduct business (as we see fit). If others do not like what we do, then it is up to them to not patronize our business.

It is our right, if we perceive someone doing something wrong in business (but not in all societies) to bring up to the attention of our community of businessmen (and women). But, to do so in a factual way, and not just to destroy another's business so we can have part of his(her) market. If your facts are not correct, and if you intend to destroy someone elses business, then you are the bad guy and you are liable under the law. Be alert, be active, but BE RIGHT and have the facts via affidavit, recording, or photographs and video to back up what you say.

I'll step down from this soap box now...God bless...and stick to the facts...the real facts.

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