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The devil plays a mean fiddle

Posted by: Leigh ( U.S.A. ) on October 02, 1996 at 23:40:50:

In Reply to: They make better burgers than McDonald's posted by The Nit Nurse on July 17, 1996 at 13:50:27:

> > So it appears that the parent company is British owned,
> > and the subsidiary is American.

> But like Tony said,
> > WHO CARES!! the important thing is WHAT THEY DO, and NOT
> > where they come from.

> Indeed..and what they DO is make better burgers than McDonalds!!

They make a better burger, and the devil plays a
mean fiddle; but I wouldn't dance to his tunes!
And it feels better to hit my toe, than my head,
with a hammer. The question is, why do either?
Should not our purchasing decisions reflect our
values and social conscience?

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