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Posted by: Frode Areskjold ( Norway ) on July 07, 1998 at 13:24:23:

In Reply to: Making Contact! posted by Jonathan Lampon on July 07, 1998 at 12:03:42:

: Dear Debbie -
: You will notice that we share a surname!! And it's not one all that common either. I was simply searching on the web out of interest and there you were.
: The really uncanny thing is that you are a journalist and I've just completed a course in Broadcast Journalism. I'm working freelance for the BBC. I'm 22 and live in London although the 'Lampon' family come from Sussex - my side at least.
: Anyway, I'd love to talk more about your work, and what you're doing and hope your side of the clan are keeping well.
: This is all a bit strange so...I'll sign off....do write.
: Yours
: Jonathan Lampon

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: McSpotlight: Look, this stuff really doesn't belong here, let alone in the Mclibel room. While it's great to locate relatives, the "Anything Else" room is probably better and direct email is best of all. So, take it to email...

Why do you keep sending us this crap. I feel that I belong in the "Anything Else" debating room, but even there we don't want this shit!
I beg you to make a "trash bin" room.

McSpotlight: It's down to the moderator's discretion. One or two oddities might be allowed through, but if they become a problem we start wielding the axe (as with the Beanie Babies). We aren't a personal contact board, so we do try to discourage such stuff...and the poster left his mail address so we shouldn't see anything more from them on the subject.

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