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More serious problems?

Posted by: george ( none, USA ) on July 21, 1998 at 10:03:12:

In Reply to: wake up Marc posted by chris on July 10, 1998 at 10:06:05:

: your reply describes Mcspotlight as merely presenting points of view. If that is the goal then obviously there is no problem. However, if you attack an entity with intent to make them conform to your own ideals (ie. active protests, slandering on T.V.) then there is a problem. If Mcspotlight is merely trying to "heighten awareness about a PERCEIVED problem", then why the need for organized groups, court trials, etc..? The entire campaign to attack a fast food company is unworthy while there are more serious problems that affect all of us which we can not choose to avoid as easily as not patronizing a fast food place. All of our ability to debate and disagree is a step to common ground which could lead to positive progression. It seems wasteful to use our ability on two peoples "PERCIEVED PROBLEM" which is self inflicted. Why Mcdonalds? Why not crime? Why not corruption?

"More serious problems"? Logically, that would seem to indicate that we all should attempt to ascertain the single most serious problem, and attack that, all others being unworthy. That, however, is a totally unacceptable result. If we all decry war, hunger spreads unchecked. If we all decry hunger, political corruption proceeds apace. And so on. Which, then, will it be? And then, who is to say that the McDonald's scourge isn't the single most serious problem facing civilization? You? What if I or my expert says that it is? I think there is nothing wrong with throwing a wrench into the works of a depraved system, even if it is not the most depraved. There are, after all, lots of wrenches around.

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