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What happened to my family is a crime

Posted by: WHERE DO I LOOK FOR HELP??? ( U.S. ) on July 28, 1998 at 09:27:13:

In Reply to: you have an equal right in a court of law to present your case posted by Mike on July 27, 1998 at 09:33:30:

: You did not say what crime and/or civil tort your husband stands accused of. Certainly, you have an equal right in a court of law to present your case and even win, so retain a lawyer ASAP. If you think a lawyer is expensive, trust me, prison is far more expensive. You can also approach a local law school which may have clinics dedicated to helping people such as yourself.

: As for McDonald's political clout, well, of course it has more clout that you. Remember, our beloved U.S.A. is a plutocracy, not a democracy. But that doesn't mean you can't still fight the bastards.

Dear Mike:

My husband was found guilty of fraud and attempted extortion against McDonalds and Coca Cola!
my husband found seamer grease in a can of coke and sent it to cola cola-no problem until 4 years.

The only common link is that the president of Mcdonalds sits on the board of Coke and the president of coke sits on the board of Mcdonalds

On Dec.15,1996 Our family was eating at Mcdonalds and our son had a RAT TAIL in his french fries!!! It is not that unusual... the same week, same McDonalds, they found blood in french fries.and also rodent droppings in french fries same store. The Judge would not allow this to be heard.

The tail was fried in Mcdonalds own special oil.

My husband not only took and passed a polygraph but he told the FBI agent that he would take one the minute he asked him to (state of mind)
Not Guilty!!! not admissable in our case.

McDonalds had 5 attorney at my husbands trial. They stood up during sentencing and held up fingers for the amount of time he should be in prison "PIGS"

The only way to get the heat off of McDonalds was to put it on my husband. It was in their food but who cares lets tape him (1st we will get him good and mad) and then we will bring a case of extortion against him!!! and win because we own the government!!!!

My husband never caved into their demands we thought the truth would stand strong. "WRONG"

My husband was never accused of planting the tail because they knew he did not!!! so what they did was very clever and so like McDonalds, They put this blanket of supision over him saying he had access to Lab rats (he is a scientist) and this was a Lab Rat... This was so far from the truth. But the damage was already done through the media.

They also said "Lightening doesn't strike twice" which they were not supose to say.

He is now in a Federal Prison camp for 30 months.

I will be more than happy to send transcripts of the trial to anyone that would like to see them.

What happened to my family is a crime lets not let it happen to anyone else...

Mike:Thank you for answering me! it means alot...

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