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McDonalds is bad. It has already poisoned your mind.

Posted by: Wayne Parry ( Australia ) on August 11, 1998 at 11:00:07:

In Reply to: Re: McDONALDS IS NOT BAD!!! posted by Marie on February 22, 1998 at 07:48:48:

Sadly, you are a perfect example of the type of person that eats at McDonalds. Your literacy skills are quite bad, judging by your spelling and you obviously do not possess a great deal of intelligence, judging by the way you express yourself. McDonalds is bad. It has already poisoned your mind. It's doing the same to millions of others. It's an embarrassing fact that all over the world, when students are asked to name American food, they name McDonalds. What ever happened to the wonderful regional foods of America, from Louisiana to California? Gone. All gone.
My guess is that you would be quite poor compared to most people around you. If you were living in a poor country though, at least you would have your culture. You would go home to your family and eat whatever regional food it is that is eaten and you would know about your past and your heritage, and things like folklore and customs. Instead you know nothing. Please don't ever travel abroad! It would be a disgrace if people as low down on the social ladder as you had the capacity of being able to spread their ignorance. Also, it wouldn't be fair. If poor people from poor countries can't travel, why should poor people like you be able to?
For the time being, keep eating McDonalds. At least while you're in there, you're not out here.

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