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gets right up my nose

Posted by: Sue ( dis-UK ) on September 06, 1998 at 00:59:55:

In Reply to: McLibel posted by Todd S. Henry on July 17, 1998 at 10:01:52:

: The McSpotlight page advertises the opportunity to provide alternative views on McDonald's issues. However, it is a very biased expression of anti-McDonald's sentiment. The story itself is a very poor example of fair, unbiased journalism. I understand that most people looking are happy with this slant, but the best way to argue a point is to start by presenting the facts in a rational, unbiased fashion.

To me saying this site is here to put the alternatives to McDonald's means exactly just that. Why should it put the McDonald's line, people can find that out any day of the week by watching their ads and reading the daily papers. Isn't it strange how people in favour of capitalism always complain about biased and one sided stories when someone writes something criticising the status quo. Do you ever hear them demanding that as part of every article about how a particular company is doing, how many more stores it's opening, how many so called jobs it's creating or whatever, that there should be someone having the chance to put the other side of the story about the exploitation and oppression involved etc? No, never.

Todd, did you write to the McDonald's site and tell them they ought to be putting up McSpotlight articles on their site? I bet you didn't.

I think McSpotlight's answer dealt with all the rest of your points, but I just wanted to have my say about something that really gets right up my nose.

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