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Burger Kind in fact is an american company

Posted by: Paul Dorchak ( Burger King, USA ) on October 09, 1998 at 19:33:09:

In Reply to: Burger King is not American! posted by Dan Dunn on May 24, 1996 at 19:31:33:

: Keep up the great work. However, I have to point out one piece of
: misinformation on your part. I noticed that on your flyer which
: started this entire brouhaha that you stated that McDonalds and Burger
: King are "two of the many US corporations using lethal poisons..." Not
: all of the companies using lethal poisons are US and Burger King is not
: an American company but rather from the UK.

: A trivial point maybe, but you Brits need to own up to the environmental
: damage done by your own countrymen before you go pointing fingers
: across the sea.

Burger Kind in fact is an american company, just owned by a holding company out of England. Period.

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