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Oh, God... I'm An Accessory To Libel!

Posted by: Cameron Mac Millan ( The Trauma Corporation, Ireland ) on October 13, 1996 at 22:21:27:

It seems that I am an accessory to my parent's libel.

You see, having only been born in 1974 with the surname Mac
Millan, I've clearly been using the service mark "Mac"
(phonetically similar to the "Mc" (not used here under licence)
which is clearly the registered property of the McDonald's

How many times have I signed my name without paying royalties?

This question preys heavily upon my mind. So heavily, in fact, that
I'm losing sleep and becoming a nervous wreck, because Ronald and his
lawyers may come pounding on my door one night, writs in hand, demanding
compensation for my association with a mediocre burger chain.

Maybe /I/ should be issuing the writs, thinking about it...

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