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Boycott McDonalds Response to Caleb Prichard

Posted by: Andrea Mucci ( Rhode Island, USA ) on October 16, 1998 at 10:19:08:

I think we all need to focus on the real issue here, the society that created the need for fast food places like McDonalds. The franchise wouldn't exist if there wasn't demand and we're a country on the go with no time for anything- no time to raise our children, get any sleep, have personal lives and yes, eat. Yet we're the fattest country in the world so there is one place so many Americans have time to eat at-Mcdonalds. Our society and the fast food industry feed off each other, bottom line. so everyone should take a look around at the real issues plaguing society and start to change those problems instead of placing blame on one restaurant that sells fat, hungry Americans on- the-go exactly what they want.

McSpotlight: So how about combatting the corporations that tell people to overeat?

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