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facts & figures and real references

Posted by: Arnold Fiend ( UK ) on October 14, 1996 at 18:12:38:

In Reply to: Lets get out there and do it! posted by Cathy on October 08, 1996 at 02:52:12:

> These people [McDonald's corporation] are a bunch of greedy parasites, and McSpotlight is
> doing a great job in exposing what they stand for.
> It's up to all of us reading this site (and lots of other people too)
> to use this information about multinationals and to fight for a better
> world. We don't want charity. We want what is rightfully ours. This
> world belongs to all of us, and we should all be sharing its resources,
> and working together to have a society where people help and support
> each other rather than trampling over others in their lust for power
> and wealth.

Wa'da go grrl!

Thats what I like to see, facts & figures and real references to
refute accusations. I notice the orginal poster hasn't attempted to
reply (can't take the heat). Rather ironic I thought that he should
say that it take no talent to criticise, 'cause thats exactly what he
had - NO TALENT - when it came to his criticism of the factsheet.

Hey McSpotlight! I got a mailout from the McLibel support campaign that
said there would be a fully referenced version of the 'What Wrong with McDs'
leaflet. Where is it? Are you going to put it on this site?


McSpotlight replies:

We will be putting the referenced leaflet up real soon.
It is taking us longer then normal because we will
where possible be hyper-linking the references to
the actual orginal sources.

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