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Posted by: Kevin A. Christensen ( Unlimited State Atrocities ) on October 16, 1996 at 18:11:56:

I am so excited to see this site on the web. I have been boycotting McRonalds for years. I just wanted to let you know I have been down loading the leaflettes and leaving them at the five Mc's in the small town of Mt. Pleasant Michagan. I am not sure how affective I am since I am only one person in this community. I also wanted to suggest some reading to anyone interested. The book is called "The Mcdonaldization of Society" by Ritzer. It is an excellent book and very quick and easy to read. Well keep up the good fight.


McSpotlight replies:

There are more details about The McDonaldization of Society (inc. ordering details) in the books pages of the Media section of McSpotlight.

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