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A debate without factual information

Posted by: Christopher Herdt ( US ) on November 26, 1998 at 12:56:25:

In Reply to: Re: Mc Donald's Big Mac! posted by OSRIC on December 17, 1997 at 15:47:19:

: : We are doing a research project on the Mc Donalds Big Mac. We would like your coments concerning the Big Mac as a food value. Compared to other hamburgers in the fast food industry.

: They're all shit and little short of toxic waste.


I don't understand the point of these messages. Someone asked for information. The information requested is readily available at www.mcdonalds.com.

A debate without factual information and evidence to support opinions is a waste of time.

-Christopher tm Herdt (chris@osric.com)

McSpotlight: Factual information can also be found on this site in the Nutrition area.

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