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Democracies degrade into fascist states

Posted by: Patt on May 02, 1996 at 20:20:25:

It is heartening to read about the courage and tenacity of the two young defendants in taking on these
corporate fascists. David slew Goliath and I hope they will succeed as well. Greenpeace is an amazing
group of people.

As we say in Texas, "There's nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos."
When people have berated me for rocking the boat, I just look at them and ask, "What's your problem?
You aren't even in the fucking boat!"

I wish I could send some $$$, but I am a student (one who is not working at Mickey D's) pushing 50
years of age. I remember when McD's signs reflected hamburgers sold in the thousands (four digits)!

Democracies degrade into fascist states. Ours has. Our only hope is to educate people and expose the real
fascists for what they are. God bless.

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