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Posted by: Kristin ( Canada ) on December 10, 1998 at 23:43:03:

McSpotlight: I just started reading the McLibel case and am extremely discusted with McDonalds and there sinister tactics. But I also have a question to you guys. In reading Dave Morris' interview with you guys a while back, I noticed there is a picture that has been blocked and in the box it says Dave and Joshua. I am wondering why this was blocked. Is it to imply that showing Dave's son (I am assuming Josh is his son.) is endangering him. If so, why didn't you just clip the picture. Is this a contrived insinuation set up by you guys? This is what it looks like to me and I find it really takes away from the reality of the case. I think the truth about McDonalds and there discusting oppression and bully tactics speak for themselves. If this was your intention, and if infact it is a contrived one, it depletes the integrity of this web site rather than scores any extra points against McDonalds. I am not accusing you but I am definatly wondering if this is the case.


McSpotlight: As you haven't given the details of which page this photo is on I can't really check out what you have said to find out the answer, although I did look at Dave's interview with McSpotlight and couldn't find anything fitting your description there. However, there are a couple of things that I can say, which may answer your question. First, Dave's son is called Charlie, not Joshua, and second there are several photographs on this site that Charlie appears in, and no, none of them have been deliberately censored to try and suggest anything (not quite sure I understand what you were saying with regards to the purpose for this). The most likely explanation is actually a faulty link, or else some other technical hitch. If you can give us more precise details of where this photo is then we could check it out and try to sort out the problem.

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