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David & Helen

Posted by: The Controller ( Philippines ) on January 16, 1999 at 15:39:46:

David & Helen need to get a life! A couple of loosers getting attention over nothing.

My God, with all the problems we have in the world what in the hell are they thinking about. Get a job and do something constructive like fight drugs. If people want to eat a hamburger from Ronald's house so what is the big deal?

McSpotlight: In simple terms, the big deal is that people, animals and the planet are being exploited and harmed purely so McDonald's and other companies like them can make profits for their shareholders. Helen & Dave, like lots of other people, believe that this is wrong, and that it's time that ordinary people regained control of their own lives and communities, and that animals and the planet were treated with respect. If you want more detail on these issues then start at our home page and have a look round the site, especially in the Issues section and McLibel section.

Most of the problems of the world today come down to the fact that a minority are in control of land and resources, so the majority have to work for them rather than having any real control over their own destiny. This is one thing that contributes to drug abuse of both 'legal' and 'illegal' drugs (rather than simple use for pleasure) as people use them to try to escape the boredom or drudge of their daily lives.

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