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More Coke antics

Posted by: Hugh Morris ( Howard Stern Society, USA ) on February 15, 1999 at 13:35:44:

In Reply to: Thank you for that infomation posted by shaun on February 12, 1999 at 11:25:50:

: I have a qusetion, does "coke" own the rights to the drinks sold in Mcrotten or would it be just what poeple epect to be there?

: I would also like to now where you obtain your info from?

: Thankyou for clearing up this matter for me,
: i still think coke is up to something, (they own something that we dont know about or maybe something we dont know about owns them).

I worked one summer in a drive-in restaurant that served both Coke and Pepsi, and used the same dispensing equipment for both. This went on for years, until Coca-Cola came up with an ultimatim: The management was to get rid of the Pepsi, and make the city's local Coca-Cola bottling company their exclusive source for syrup, CO2, and repair service. If not, the price of the Coke would go up, and the management would not get any more promotional material from Coca-Cola. You'll only find Pepsi served there now.

My information comes from things I've read (on paper, not the crap that circulates on the Internet) over the years, so I can't name them specifically.

McDonald's franchisees are independent businessmen, but their sources for supplies, including Coke, is dictated by McDonald's. This is probably an effort to make every McDonald's the world over exactly the same. Any change would have to come from the corporate level. The sources have long term contracts.

Tricon's restaurants still serve Pepsi, a holdover from the days of PepsiCo's ownership. Before the spin-off, PepsiCo tried to replace the Dr. Pepper served there (owned by England's Cadbury Schweppes) with their own God-awful product called Dr. Slice, and hoped customers wouldn't notice the difference. Well, the royal pain-in-the-ass of having to tell half the customers "Sorry, we don't have Dr. Pepper anymore; it's Dr. Slice for you..." lasted about one week. It turns out that the contract with Cadbury-Schweppes was still good for another three years yet.

WHAT...No Beer?,

Hugh Morris

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