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You cant exactly call Mcdonalds good food

Posted by: gazb ( england ) on February 25, 1999 at 14:08:29:

In Reply to: I agree posted by chris on February 17, 1999 at 17:16:59:

You cant exactly call Mcdonalds good food, i am in the training squad at Mcdonalds at the moment and i think that the meat is cheap crap to be honest.
A frozen regular burger is so thin and horrible looking, it costs about 00.05p for a regular piece of meat and Mcdonalds sell two pieces of meat a bun some sauce and lettice for what 1.90.
I dont know about you but i think that that is taking the piss out of the crew and the public.
Describe to me the feelings when you have eaten this large meal at Mcdonalds...... Still Hungry springs to mind.
You must be a manager or a new crew member to think that Mcdonalds is 'there to benefit people'??
Either that or you are a customer in that case apply for a job at Mcdonalds and then you will find out what it is like to do an 8 hour shift without a break (you won't think that Mcdonalds are great then!!)
Nice prooving you completely and utterly wrong.

Mc Donalds is there to benefit people, I know myself that when I'm in a hurry I'll go to Mc Donalds for good "fast food".
: Might I also add, if you people who are against Mc Donalds and all that it stands for (perhaps more than you think ) then you would like to see an end to all things that are bad for our health and environment. i.e. Cars,

: I bet none of you, or at least thre majority would think twice about taking your car to where ever your going. SO unless you are all prepared to give up driving, drinking, smoking, and are all going to become vegetarians, the STOP COMPLAINING.

: --
: McSpotlight: Personally, I don't drive, I don't smoke and I don't eat meat. Your call...

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