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Re: Lets get out there and do it!

Posted by: Cathy ( England ) on October 25, 1996 at 03:46:05:

In Reply to: Re: Lets get out there and do it! posted by Hal Scoggins on October 23, 1996 at 01:11:31:

> > It's one thing to make use of resources, its another to destroy
> > them, and that's what's going on right now.

> I'm afraid I don't understand what you folks are referring to here.
> Where are natural resources being destroyed with being made use of?

Just one example would be the rainforests referred to in the leaflet.
Indigineous people make use of the resources of the forests for food
and shelter, but leaving the forests standing. Whereas multinational
companies come along, destroy the forests (or pay someone else to do
it) and replace them with something totally unsustainable, for example
cattle ranches.

> > We don't want charity. We want what is rightfully ours.

> What, exactly, is it that's rightfully yours but being withheld
> or taken by someone else?

Think about it, how can anyone own this planet or any part of it?
Whose was it to sell in the first place? And yet most of the world
is claimed to be owned by somebody or other. We can't go here, and
we can't go there because it belongs to someone else. We can't climb
that mountain and enjoy the view cos someone else owns the mountain.
We can't use that patch of barren land to grow some food for ourselves
because someone else owns it. Why should it be like this? The earth
belongs to everyone living on it, and its up to all of us to share it
and use its resources wisely.

> > I notice the orginal poster hasn't attempted to
> > reply (can't take the heat).

> No, Arnold, I hadn't bothered to check back here since I posted.
> I hadn't intended to, but came across it again in a search for
> another topic. "Can't take the heat?" Give me a break! What
> heat? This is just a debate between a bunch of, for the most
> part, outsiders who have no stake in, and no affect on, the
> outcome of this or any other legal battle.

We can all have a part in the outcome of this legal battle - the case
is all about censorship, so if we all hand out leaflets about what
McDonald's is up to, then McDonald's' attempts to stifle criticism
will have totally failed.

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