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McCRAP - McDonalds Crew Representative Against Persacution.

Posted by: K.P. Chapman ( England ) on March 05, 1999 at 18:14:06:

#########STOP PRESS###################

Are you the victim of McDonalds? Sick of low pay? Sick of the dictators, or the power mad managers? Sick of burning yourself? Sick of seeing crew being treated like shit?

Why not start a union, or try to get the WHOLE crew of your store to join one of the bigger unions. In the McLibel trial McDonalds sued over the phrase, (and I para phrase, as I cannot recall it exactly.) "McDonalds get rid of staff that enter into union activities."

This phrase was found to be libellouse, as they said that they never 'got rid of' crew. I beg to differ, and I think that many others do. I say that McD's constantly found reasons to sack crew, or the better one, reduce their hours to 3 hrs per week, refuse pay rises, give crap ocl's and PR's. That made people resign.

I want evry person in the world who works for McDonalds, and is sick of their dictatorship, to go out and join a union, and get the rest of the store to join it too. Paul Preston, President of McDonalds Restaurants Ltd. (The head of McD's UK to you and us, 2nd plaintiff legally.) stood up in court and said that he wouldn't mind if people joined a union. He is full of it, but he said it, SO GO OUT THERE AND JOIN A UNION!!!

Either that, or start one of your own. When I worked at the McDonalds Drive Thru on St. Andrews Quay, Hull, one of my friends, who is now a store manager himself, Paul Brookes, tried to start a mock (Joke) union, called McCrap, McDonalds Crew Rep. against Persicution. He received a written warning 'for putting up posters that were not authorised.' That was given by the then store manager, Mr. Mick Hammer. So, I suggest, as Mr. paul Preston doesn't mind, that you all start a union with this title, or go and join a Union. Post your results here on McSpotlight, it would be fun to see McDonalds squirming, because they now say that they don't get rid of people.

(Although I must add, itmay be found at the Appeal By Lord Justices Pill & May and Mr. Justice Keene that McDonalds do in fact 'get rid of' crew, so wait and see what the judgement says.)

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