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Posted by: Siamak ( UK ) on October 28, 1996 at 20:46:15:

In Reply to: Please Grow Up, All of You posted by A reasonable person on October 21, 1996 at 00:08:18:

> Let's get this straight off the bat. I am not a conservative.
> I am not a lawyer. I am a journalist, so I tend to sympathize
> wiht defendants in libel suits and I understand the danger of
> libel suits squelching fair debate and criticism.

> However, McDonald's, whether you like them or not, is not the
> monster you spoiled suburban hippie wannabees make it out to be.

Your post is full of cynicism towards the anti-McD campaign and
baseless accusations. Please practice what you preach by telling
us how you came to the conclusion that Greenpeace has exagerated
any truth about McD and other large multinationals.
You are confusing the words exposure and exageration here. You
also give no evidence at all as to why you think the anti-McD
campaigners deviate from facts. What a journalist hey!
As a matter of fact if you had followed the court proceedings
and the information McD officials have had to disclose under
pressure and cross-examination by the defendants you would have
known that nothing they had said was exaggeration or untruth.

So keep your patronising advice to yourself. The defendants and
McSpotlight are doing a grand job and I am sure they donít
need "journalists" like you to lecture them on how to conduct
a campaign.

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