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i think you are missing a very important point

Posted by: Keith Urquhart ( Australia ) on April 14, 1999 at 10:55:05:

In Reply to: Doomsday. posted by Darrel Phelan on June 12, 1998 at 09:54:23:

: Corporations exploit loopholes in laws, they don't make the laws. If you went to a store and picked up a CD that was labled with a price of $5.00; you know the price should be at least $12. Tell me you wouldn't attempt to but it at $5...even though you know it to be mislabled.

i suppose it would depend on whether i was ripping off some poor cd manufacturer in downtown kenya working for $0.20 and hour or some major corporate record chain... do you see my point?

: Corporations exsist to meet a need. A need established by the population. McDonald's did start up yesterday. Ray Kroc didn't just wake up and say today I'll start McDonald's and it's worth is 17 trillion. It grew. By providing a quality service and product for which it was paid.

i think you are missing a very important point, which is: people are generally very stupid. The population have fallen for the advertising crap that has been spoon-fed to them because they have imagination deficiencies which stop them from thinking for themselves. This is why people go there, not because of thier "quality service and product". I personally don't think the rest of the world should suffer because a whole heap of westerners have been breathing in lead fumes for too long and have lost thier brains!

: Oh the chickens and such.... Can you honestly say with 100% accuracy, the corner store that provides your food, did so without abuse of animals, the rainforest, the ozone. If not, should we also shut them down? Then what...I know the power company,,,then the phone company, lets not forget the water company. When will it stop? How about all those cattlement riding those poor horses. Lets not forget the abuse those poor rose bushes take when that damn Valentines Day rolls around.

so, am i correct in assuming that because there are so many evil things going on in the world that you think that people shouldn't stand up to a few of them if they can't change all of them??

: I don't know, seems there a lot of more pending issues the world needs to address, other then McDonald's.
: How about world peace, famine. Exploration of space...who knows..there might be oil on the moon or Mars. Personally, I wish the world whould run out of oil and copper. I belive those two substances hold back progress. Imagine cars that ran on solar power (cleaner air) or computers that processed on pure fibre optics.

but you're not going to do anything about it though are you? Keep imagining!

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