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don't forget the 10million they spent

Posted by: Kalvin Chapman ( Student! ! ! , UK ) on April 15, 1999 at 17:17:29:

In Reply to: Made the headlines in the u.s. posted by Shaun on April 05, 1999 at 16:36:15:

Yes, McDonalds have been awarded 40,000 in damages, whci is ironic. During the discussion on the damages point, Mr. Richard Rampton QC said that McDonalds would not try and collect the damages that they would be awarded. I submitted a written submission on this issue to the court of appeal on behalf of Dave and Helen saying that McDoanlds should only be awarded Nominal Damages of 0.01p. This was dismissed.

However, the hilarious point is that McDonalds had spent around 10 million at the end of the first trial. This must now, at the end of the appeal be around the 12 - 15 million figure. (Mr. Rampton QC charges around 2,000 A DAY!) When the verdict was handed down, there was discussion about the applications that will be made (for costs etc. etc.) At the first trial Mr. Rampton QC asked for costs to be awarded, which they were. McDonalds then refused to tell Dave and Helen how much these costs were. How could they pay costs that they don't know how much they are, and how is any one supposed to pay costs of that kind. When discussing the applications, Mr. Rampton said that he could not see McDonalds asking for costs but if they did, 'it would be a reaction, they would not expect to get them.' This just goes to show, McDonalds only brought this action to silence their critics, not for real legal reasons. (In the first trial they said that they would be asking for an injunction, which they eventualy never did. They don't look as though they will ask for one now either.)

It is my opinion, which I have shared with Dave and Helen, that they should now ask the Court of Appeal for an injunction against McDonalds advertising to children, and ever advertising their food as being nutritious!!!! That would really f**k them up.

Get ready for the results of the applications on the 26th April, and the forthcoming House of Lords and European Courts. That will really be a PR disaster for McDonalds!!!!!!

Keep up the support!

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