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Posted by: sheila steele ( injusticebusters, Canada ) on April 29, 1999 at 10:36:33:

In Reply to: McDueck's posted by Sheila Steele on March 01, 1999 at 14:07:54:

: You may not have even herd about Saskatchewan except through jokes on American TV. We have taken extreme measures to bring to public attention the criminal wrongdoing of a cop and social worker who softened at least three very disturbed children up at McDonald's before taking them to a police room with soft chairs and hidden camera to record the lies they had fed them on videotape. This is described at McDuecks and we hope you will come to visit. The story we have to tell is horrendous and for five years, local authorities have dismissed us as kooks, or have felt sorry for the cop they claim we defame. We need some outside pressure to push this expose forward. Please come and read what we have to say and if you agree that pressure should be placed, you can email the Saskatoon City Police from our site.

It's pretty pathetic when you are the only one who replies to your own message. Oh well. We actually have quite a few more stories up on our site right now. The parents of Clayton Miller, a 17 year old boy who was killed while in police custody are having a motorcade in Cape Breton May 5, the 9th anniversary of his death.
As far as the thing with Dueck, we have new evidence which we have posted and we demonstrated again at the police station last month. This time there were no defamation charges and our signs were much stronger than four years ago when they charged us.

Then there is David Milgaard -- his Mom is going to camp on the lawn of the Legislative Buildings to get the government to pay up for the 22 years he served for a murder he didn't do. . . : Thank you for reading this.

Sheila Steele and Richard Klassen for www.injusticebusters.com

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