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You sound like a typical snobbish overweight American.

Posted by: Rob Ellis ( An Unhappy Englishman, England ) on May 21, 1999 at 13:25:58:

In Reply to: Yes, The Perfect, TOTALITARIAN World posted by Ludwig von Mises on May 15, 1999 at 00:01:44:

Ludwig my old you sound a very sad and lonely man. What you aresying is correct in principle, but the fact that the company Mcdonalds do not follow principles do not follow theres why are you.

I eat Mcdonalds who doesn't, that maybe shows that there advertising is good, but that does not make it ethical, especially in a world like todays.
You sound like the sort of person who goes to places such as Mcdonalds. Infact you worship them don't you. You sound like a typical snobbish overweight American.

The previous paragraph is here to show you how to have a go at someone. I am an ordinary man from an ordinary background, but I know what all the long words you have used mean, and in your words they are the biggest load of crap I have ever heard, and my friends think that but you haven't got any friends to discuss it with have you.
Mcdonalds is unethical to the extreme and if you can show me in any way that it isn't I will be very surprised. Have a niceday now.
Love from,
An Unhappy Englishman.

McSpotlight: Two things. Firstly, these Debating Rooms are *not* a place to express personal abuse; they are here to debate the issues, *not* indulge in mudslinging. Any post that consists solely of mudslinging will get rejected, as will any post that has no original content. We have a debate to maintain; debate, rather than engaging in personal abuse, *please* - or your post will not get through the moderation process.

Secondly, I don't eat at McDonald's; nor does anyone else here at McSpot; we're not advocating something we wouldn't do ourselves. It's surprisingly easy not to eat at McDonald's if you decide not to.

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