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Those little guys are still around and doing fine.

Posted by: Wiliam R. James on June 05, 1999 at 11:45:46:

In Reply to: how many jobs has McD's DESTROYED? posted by The Grey Wolf on May 05, 1999 at 13:02:44:

: : So how many jobs have YOU created?
: : Micky D's has created thousands. And HUNDREDS of millionaires!

: Labor unions have not created jobs, but they prevented the utter downfall of capitalism. Business, left to it's own devices, controls government, and attempts to relegate all the money to the rich, and to enslave the poor. The poor ultimately rise up, and violently overthrow the opressors. Regualtion, and protests, and others who CIVILLY attack the power-mongers, help prolong the period of peace between revolutions. read history. only the regulation in this century has prevented the depression of the 30's from becoming a widespread revolt (as it did in russia)Labor unions SAVED capitalism, by compromise.

: By the way..you should be asking how many jobs they CRUSHED by vicious strategies of waging price wars... lowering prices to sell at a Loss, and letting the corporatio absorb it, then raising them exorbiently when all the little guys are gone.

Those little guys are still around and doing fine. Although I really like the 35 cent burgers on tuesdays. :)

Your anti=freedom diatribe aside, capitolism is working quite well.

: how many jobs has McD's DESTROYED?


: I have destroyed NONE

But you will undoubtably keep trying.

: ..and my consumerism has created jobs, from the car I own, to the canned food I eat.
: I have created at least one job total.

: As a big mac would say....bite me

No thanks. I'm a picky eater, :)

William R. James

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