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where did you get your facts? and your reasoning.

Posted by: sammy on June 14, 1999 at 10:40:24:

In Reply to: Let's hear both sides of the story! posted by Lance Payne on June 13, 1999 at 03:45:51:

it sounds like your individual restaurant is staffed with a friendly down to earth crew, a rare occurance in any place of work. you may not be brainwashed, but you definitly should try expanding your horizons. brainwashed or not, you are still sheltered by the golden arches.

as you have stated, mcdonalds does not own cattle ranches, they just buy their beef from them. son, i'd like to point out to you that there is no difference. mcdonalds keeps cattle ranches in bussiness by using them as thier suppliers.
did you know that these ranches are the end product of cleared rain forrest? and that it continues to be cleared as your employer continues to grow?

and you think we're jealous of that?

jealous, we are not. disgusted, we are. enraged, we are as well

it's too bad that you feel you are doing the mainstream a good service, when if in fact you loose your short sightedness, you will see that you are killing them.

the mckid said:
let's just say your in a GREAT minority.

(wdf?)and that is saying what? their efforts will prove useless? vegitarians are growing in numbers, as more people are made aware of what goes on inside the meat industry.
minorities can still have a voice, and this minority is making itself heard.

as for recycling, would you be able to explain what sort of recycling mcdonalds possibly does?
mcdonalds does not care about the environment, employees, or customers nearly as much as the do thier profit. if they did they would not serve cattle raised at the expence of thousand your old rainforest.

i hope someday it will occur to you as you are working your smart butt off, that you are only worth six or seven dollars and hour to a clown who makes a couple million dollars a year.

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