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the latest childrens advertising campain.

Posted by: Liz ( UK ) on June 21, 1999 at 16:30:36:

In Reply to: Childrens advertising. posted by Kalvin Chapman on June 10, 1999 at 17:01:01:

I live in England, I was just in the process of writing a letter to McDonalds to complain about the latest childrens advertising campain. It has taken me ages to find an address for them, But I have found many other interesting sites on the way, including this one.

Their latest "Happy Meal" campain involves 40 Mr Men toys to collect over a month or so.
It was bad enough when they changed the toy once a week, but to offer 40 toys is absolutly disgusting (like the food).

This is one of the points that was raised in the mclibel trial and nothing has been done. Most children want most of the toys, most parents would give into their child having one happy meal a week, but to expect a child to eat that much junk food is absolutly shocking.

Anway, i've said my bit, I will now get on to dealing with Mcdonalds directly (cc the Guardian)
I will let you know the outcome

McSpotlight: Well, we're glad you dropped in; please keep us informed ;)

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