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One final point I missed

Posted by: Kalvin Chapman ( UK ) on July 05, 1999 at 13:29:34:

In Reply to: Let's hear both sides of the story! posted by Lance Payne on June 13, 1999 at 03:45:51:

One final point I missed, which is extremely important one:

You say that we had a 'toxic sob story.' I seriously think taht you ought to look at the judgement and statements, as well as the court transcripts regarding this.

I stated, I am a big meat eater. I enjoy eating meat. However, I felt seriously ill the day in court we covered food safety. There is residue left on the meat of its intestines (which includes its fecial excrement), it has large doses of hormones injected into it, which whilst not having been proven to cause major damage I don't feel comfortable eating it. There are also lots of antibiotics injected into the animals etc. That to me sounds almost as bad as leaving the animals in a nuclear reactor for 10,000 years.

Also, you talk of McDonalds not owning any cattle ranches etc. You find that McDonalds had many points in animal cruelt found against them at first instance (the trial.) It was acknowledged that whilst McDonalds do not own them directly, they do have major control over the abatoirs and ranches. Because of this they were found to be responsible for boiling chickens alive when they have not been adequately stunned.

I think these facts will help you understand why we are not TELLING PEOPLE, we are passing on information. As McDonalds Restaurants Ltd. Vice President for Communications, Mr. Mike Love , put it;
"We brought these proceedings so that the debate of what McDonalds do and don't do can finaly be put to rest. There is nopw an authoritative document to show people what the truth is." Whilst I don't uphold every thing that is in either judgements, McDonalds said that they upheld what his hon. Mr. Justice Bell had said in his judgement, and that it was well considered. (Written submissions to the Court of Apppeal 05.01.99.)
We aren't here to tell you what to think, just pass information that will allow you to think about it, unlike you and your dictatorial contempt!

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