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Lance do realise there is a world outside of America?

Posted by: georgie ( australia ) on July 08, 1999 at 11:07:01:

lance you have obviously been brainwashed and it has has been done so subtley over the years that you aren't even aware of it. American food good food oh please. What sort of life do you lead if you believe that. Do you realise there is actually a world outside of america and that if you are eating this crap on a regular basis as well as all the other crap Americans call food you making your way to an early grave. Captalism is obviously a way of life for you and what a sorry life it must be, believing in the captalist propaganda that this company and many other multinationals spew out each year. Do you have a mind of your own is the big question because who in their right mind would support any multinational over two people standing up for what they believe in. You have obviously have your priorties right. Another slave to the almighty dollar. Jealousy isn't a term that comes to mind when i think anyone thinks of anything american. Terms like anger and resentment come to mind at the way mcdons. moves all around the world establishing itself in countries that need a lot more than a bloody mcdon. and at the same time putting the absolute minimum back into these societies. You are obviously blissfully unaware of free trade areas in the world and what multinationals like mcdons. have done to these areas worldwide. The local people benefit very little if anything from these ventures. And another thing, people work hard all over the world and i'm sure in places a lot bloody harder than you for a lot less money so unlike them though you have choices and you have choosen to work for a company such as Mcdons and for that reason alone you have a serious conflict of interest. Good luck with your minimum wage and since its such a great existence we'll see you there in other ten years that is if they keep on after you turn 18!

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