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Posted by: Stephen Psallidas ( UK ) on November 01, 1996 at 22:11:32:

In Reply to: McLibel posted by Blaine on November 01, 1996 at 03:30:24:

> C'mon folks, although the food is not to be highly rated for
> nutrition in most ways, how many fast food type outlets for
> tofu and carrots would make it in the business world? I can
> just hear the kids screaming to their parents to be taken where
> they can get some good turnip and beet on a bun!

> This argument is along the same lines as attacking the cigarette
> companies for supplying something the public wants and is legal.

> Stop the demand and the supply will disappear.


McDonalds spend billions trying to convince us that their shit is champagne,
so we're just trying to redress the balance......

And if people really knew what damage they were doing to themselves and their
own life-support system (aka 'environment') then tofu and beet fast food would be
extremely popular, believe me!

Why does something made from animals have such a 'better' image than something
made from plants ? Simply because our TVs, radios, magazines and billboards incessantly
tell us that meat is better! There is no other reason!

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