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McD's, advertising & Children, and the ITC.

Posted by: K. P. Chapman ( UK ) on August 19, 1999 at 01:36:46:


Are you sick of seeing an offer from McDonalds offering 40 toys (1 per meal) offered over a four week period, enticing children to eat ten meals a week?
Sick of the fact that McD's are now the only Fast food chain to advertise to children? (BK got the message when the judge in McLibel said that McD's were exploiting children.)

Are you realy annoyed at the fact that even though a judge in the high court has said that they exploit children through their advertising, they admit that the judge was correct in this (written submissions, 05.01.99) but that (according to Vice president Mike Love) "its an (advertsing) industry problem, not a McDonalds problem."

Getting hacked off with it? Want to realy try and do something about it?

I have produced a very in-depth letter for the ITC, and I need as many people (1000 +) people IN THE UK to email me, get i, and post itto the ITC to try and get something done.

Email me at


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