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Posted by: Kalvin P. Chapman ( England. ) on August 19, 1999 at 01:39:06:

Nothing much has been posted for a while, so I thought that i would give you a few examples of the things that were in the libel trial, to see what you all think of them, and get you all writing again.

Mr. Rampton QC (who charged McDonalds 2,000 a day.) once said in court (when refaring to legal aid) "I must say that I have little sympathy with the defendants."

even more outragously he said, when refaring to the amount of time it was all taking.

"I must say, this is not a grumble, that ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN AT THE BAR (ie. a qualified barrister) FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME, must accept that, if a case is to run smoothly, the candle must be burned at both ends." This is coming from a guy that has been doing libel cases for more than thirty years. He had the resources of chambers, clerks, a Jnr. Barrister, a firm of solicitors, and the partner of that firm in court with him EVERY day. He was against two people that had lifes at home, had to do all of their own work, with no secretarys, clerks, law librarys, law training or understanding of the case or how to run it!

What realy boils my blod is something that comes under the advertising to children section. Mr. PAul Preston was, the, the president of McDonalds UK. He was the very first Store manager in this country. When on the stand he actually said that as far as he was concerned a child eating McD's food up to six times a week, would not have any adverse effect, "infact, the opposite would be true." HOW IN GODS NAME, CAN ANYONE, EVEN SOME ONE AS FAR UP HIS OWN ARSE AS THAT, BELIEVE SUCH UTTER BULL?

Next he said that, as head of McD's, he felt no responsibility for any of the 180,000 heart disease deaths in the UK! He was proved wrong on that part by the court bof appeal, who did rule that there is a very real risk of heart disease from eating at McD's regularly.

Give you pause for thought. Read the transcripts, read the whole story, read the interviews. Form an opinion, and then post a message here!

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