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Re: Why McDonalds?

Posted by: Thomas ( UK ) on November 01, 1996 at 23:11:41:

In Reply to: Why McDonalds? posted by nrml on November 01, 1996 at 19:44:15:

> So-where do I buy my burgers?

Why burgers? And if you really must have burgers, you could try making them yourself.

> It's going to happen.

What is going to happen? McDonald's suddenly get an ethical consious?
The entire worlds population go vegan? Multinationals end their exploitation of the 3rd world?


> Mcd makes money for a reason -

which is? to provide huge profits for the few while exploiting the poor?

> are you condemning us all?

condemning you to what? A world where the resources of the world not
exploited for the benefit of the few, but are shared in a responsible
and sustainable fashion between all inhabitants of the plant?

> What exactly could mcd do to continue selling its food
> - yet make you (as a group) happy?

There is nothing McDonald's or companies like McDonald's could do to
make me happy (apart from go bust). The capitalist nature of such
multinations is incompatible with how I want the world to be.
And what is this 'group' you refer to?

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