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Sever the McDonald's Cokie Roberts Connection

Posted by: SS ( BMC, USA ) on November 05, 1999 at 15:55:31:

National Public Radio in the U.S. is partially taxpayer supported
and is a network of several hundred college radio stations.
NPR during the most recent US military action was forced
to take a United States Inform. Agency head, so that democracy
in the network was further harmed. In addition, there are morning
political reports on NPR from Cokie Roberts, a regular ABC
conservative reporter whose network has a 10 year marketing arrangement
through Disney its owner with McDonald's.

To ask that NPR sever its connections to Cokie Roberts and McDonald's,
and to ask that it cancel its meat promoting show Splendid Table
and its vivisection show Science Friday please copy and paste the
following email addresses in an email. And for all affiliate
addresses go to http://www.npr.org


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