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Posted by: Tara Jones ( England ) on November 19, 1999 at 10:40:01:

You sa you welcome all sides of the debate, yet you only make available anti mcdonalds messages.
Can I just point out as a mother,sorry meat eating mother(as all my ancesters before me), i FIND IT DIFFICULT TO DIGEST,that David Morris put his own feelings above and beyond those of his childs.
He may feel that in the long run he is fighting for his child,but to make his child second most during this case he has spelled out well and truely my beliefs come first.
This is the man who pleaded that McDonalds exploited children just like his own, but who also pleaded on many occasions , I am a single parent who is having to defend myself, at the expense of my child.
The reason I question this attitude,Is that my 6 year old daughter has a friend who is a vegatarian,but doesn't like vegetables.
She is this way because her mother is a vegetarian. If McDonalds have any faults,wich I might add, we all have I feel as a parent we all have the right and duty to argue against.
This man has used his own child on numerous occassions to gain sympathy, who is worst,a company who we can all choose to go to or not, or a man who is so wrapped up in his own beliefs,he will use his own child to get his own way.
I am sure this will never appear on your website,as it at least doesn't support your cause,but you did say you welcome all sides of the debate!

McSpotlight: We do, no matter how irrational they are.

Dave never used his son as any form of weapon in court; he remarked outside the court that the effect the trial had on his life was damaging his relationship with his son; this is inevitable, as spending 3 solid years in court does do that; but Dave believes that the issues under question here are larger than any one person; whether it be him or his son. After all, he risked being bankrupted himself for his beliefs; but felt that it was important to stand up to corporate bullies. He has never used his son to "get his own way"; I say that as someone who knows both of them.

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