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Posted by: monikabear ( Canada ) on January 18, 19100 at 18:41:36:

..so I am troubled..I have read the McLibel case and nowhere can I find proof of these third-world accusations..I work for McDonalds myself and I agree that it is a crappy capitalist shitt excuse for a restaurant..I think that the way they exploit children is unexcusable and I have turned into a vegetarian because of their food..but where the hell is proof for this third world stuff..I really need some information which can be backed up with evidence..are there sites on the internet which can provide me with this..Hopefully I am getting another job soon and I won't have to be a part in poeples heart attacks..I think that the saddest thing about working at mcdonalds is that i started working there when i was about 15 or 16 and i didn't realize how manipulative the organization really was..Now i am 18, only a couple of years older, but i can completely see how i compromised my morals and values for a couple of bucks and the stupid morons running it played a nice huge part in that..anyways, back to the point..please send me any good references on this...thanks..

McSpotlight: Proof on the third-world stuff?

Well, for the environmental issues, try going here; you can find sworn witness statements, relevant material and the like.

As to the exploitation issues, try visiting this site; the simple fact of the matter is that the Western carnivorous diet consumes a large proportion of the world's available natural resources; and to do this, the Third World is exploited; it is effectively forced to produce cheap grain and vegetable foodstuff which is then fed to cattle to provide Westerners with cheap beef; and McDonald's is the largest single consumer of meat in the world.

It's worth bearing in mind that Ethiopia produced a net surplus of grain in the years 1984/85 (the years that Live Aid tried to stop the famine; remember?) - they produced more grain than they received in famine relief; but this grain had to be exported to help the country keep up with loan repayments to the IMF.

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