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Posted by: Rex ( McSpotlight, UK ) on January 20, 19100 at 18:52:29:

In Reply to: Rainforests posted by Andrew T. on January 20, 19100 at 18:39:01:

: 1. Sting, who is a tireless campaigner for the protection of the rainforests wrote a letter years ago supporting McDonald's and thanking them for not being invloved in rain forest destruction.

They tried to sue Channel 4 and Peter Heller for producing video footage that showed clear and present evidence that McDonald's in Costa Rica and Brazil did use ex-rainforest land.

See the court statements from people like Peter Heller and Dr. Sue Branford; these were sworn testimonies in a court of law; not 'letters'.

: 2. In the U.K., when the B.S.E. scare began, it was McDonald's who stopped serving beef - because it was British.

No they didn't; they bought in Dutch beef, if you remember.

And it was the mass meat market (fast food in general and McDonald's in particular) that led to the ever-more-intensive methods of farming; of which feeding ground-up cows was one. McDonald's is culpable of lowering the conditions under which cattle are kept.

: 3. London Greenpeace have been officially denounced by Greenpeace and have also been told not to use the name 'Greenpeace'.

Greenpeace (London) existed before Greenpeace International; as such, they have no right to make any such claim.

Would you care to provide the text of this 'denunciation'? - all they've said to my knowledge was that London Greenpeace had no connection to Greenpeace International.

If we felt like it, we could ask them to stop using the term Greenpeace; since they're faintly-green at best and definitely not committed to peace and pacifism

: Why don't all of the people slating McDonald's either
: a) get perfect - e.g. don't use wood, leather, any animal products or by-products

*sigh*; another of the cretins who appears to believe that you can either be black or white; but can never actually be anything in between.

We're not perfect; but we make a real effort to minimize our use of resources; unlike certain large mutlinationals...

: or
: b) get on the next band wagon - I expect you'll be doing it forever at someone else's expense......

For your information, London Greenpeace have been protesting about McDonald's since 1985; we are, in large part, responsible for this 'band wagon' as you call it.

We call it 'freedom of information' and 'the public's right to an informed choice'.

Rex, McSpotlight.

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