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Posted by: Debby on January 31, 19100 at 16:57:21:

In Reply to: meat posted by amydonnablythwidram on January 10, 19100 at 13:24:27:

Scarey !!......though which scared me more, the abominable spelling and grammar or the threat itself is debateable.

Why do certain fanatics always seem to issue their written threats in the style of a retarded chimpanzee, perhaps it is their lack of basic intelligence or education and, therefore, their lack of status in life which draws them in to making inarticulate threats in order to feel important.

Save the sentiment for genuine animal lovers and supporters who are at least able to express themselves in an articulate fashion, your ignotant rantings give animal rights supporters a bad name.

McSpotlight: We do not encourage criticism of peoples' spelling here on McSpotlight; there are many people who post here who have English as a second language. If it's intelligible, it's good enough.

Leave any arguments to attack peoples' point of view, not their grammar. Quite apart from all else, there are very few people who don't make the occasional typo.

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