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Help us to argue against McDonald's, please!!!

Posted by: Nick L. ( Canada ) on February 01, 19100 at 10:57:40:

Here's the situation; I'm living in a little town near Québec City (in a french speaking part of Canada) and a third (!!!) McDonald'S' about to open in here. It's really too much.

Me, my friends and other people are ready to protest where the construction is going on, but we need good arguments, taking account that we're not that much informed and that we need to act before the restaurant's ready to start.

I know this industry has almost everything but good sides, and I also feel it, but I also know that T.V. and media (which we expect and hope to see at the pacifist protestation) want more than feelings.

In that case, I must specifie here that "good arguments" means that I accept the unproven, as long as it equals the statement "There are no people 200 years old on Earth". But I need more facts than reasonable doubts, please. And these facts should of course include all the references available.

Thank you, all of you who'll help, and don't ever hesitate to send A LOT OF information, cause we are a lot of readers too. Thanks and thanks again,
revolutionary yours,
Nick & friends =)

By the way, please write only "Nick" as the object of your E-mails, for practical reasons...

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