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Wake Up Hypocrites!

Posted by: Ozymandius the Prophet ( McGill University , Canada ) on February 10, 19100 at 10:49:09:

If any of you uninformed luddites plan to spread your revolutionary tripe against the 'evil-capitalist' McDonalds, at least learn to practice what you preach! Before any of you can legitimately criticise the main tenants of capitalism, environmentalism etc. you must be willing to withdraw yourself from most of society...

Any form of human consumption ultimately interferes the ecosystem of the earth. For example by simply raising more crops we are inherently interfering with the earth's natural growth cycle of vegetation. The argument can go further... You must be willing to relinquish any commercially produced product that is not 'natural' or handmade.
Even then - handmade and natural products require a certain degree of environmental interference.

Participating at any level of consumption automatically deems you responsible for creating problems such as environmental degradation.

Unless everyone who has written to this newsgroup does not own or support the use of computers - then everyone here is responsible for environmental degradation. How many toxic chemicals are used to etch a motherboard? What sort of pollutants were involved in creating the plastic which moulds the keyboards and mouses that everyone is currently using? Let's be realistic here.

You cannot criticise these facets of humanity unless you decide to live the life of a hermit. Instead it is better to accept a level of environmental degradation and work towards sustainable development on this planet. Petty class action suits are not the solution.

Think about this carefully...

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