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We know what we are doing, foolish girl!

Posted by: The Big M on February 10, 19100 at 16:40:57:

In Reply to: Ronald ! posted by cynthia on February 05, 19100 at 01:16:00:

: o.k., people, maybe you should read some books or study some maps or even make some phonecalls, because:
: Dachau is a town in southern Germany!!
: Just because (and I don't say that I'm not shocked and embarassed about what happened 60 years ago...!) this town has an old Nazi death camp close to it, it shouldn't get a McDonalds ????
: What's wrong with You??

Foolish girl, you don't understand the burger business. Our plan is simple: buy cheap meat, turn it into cheap burgers, and sell them as fast as we can. To obtain this cheap and quick meat, we need people to
kill cows as fast as possible. SPEED IS OF THE ESSENCE! We have no time for irrelevancies like compassion for animals, raising them in natural conditions, or killing them humanely. RAISE 'EM IN BOXES, BEAT THEM ONTO CATTLE CARS, AND SLIT THEIR THROATS FAST 'N HARD! That's how we get the cheap meat we need to make money, foolish girl.

But the problem with Dachau is, y'see, that it was a concentration camp, where humans were kept in miserable conditions, treated brutally, and then killed brutally. Sort of like what happens to animals in the meat industry. So you see, Cynthia, we don't want people putting 2 and 2 together and figuring out that we treat animals the same way the Nazis treated Jews.

concentration camps for animals

Now eat your meat and don't ask any questions!

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