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I found it to be one of the worst places to work.

Posted by: Kim ( USA ) on May 19, 1999 at 14:02:38:

In Reply to: wal mart follow up posted by lisa on April 11, 1999 at 17:51:37:

: i have worked for wal mart for 7 years and not only does wal mart offer many job opportunities especially for the advancement of woman but we offer low prices to families who work hard for their money and they are looking for the best possible price!!! i think wal mart is he best retail store ever and not because i work there--it is a great company to employ with!!! the advancement opportunities are endless!!!

I worked for Wal~Mart and I found it to be one of the worst places to work. They will tell you anything to keep you with them but will not fellow-up on any of them. I was offered a management job only to be placed in the Deli on my first day and to beat all they wanted to cut my pay, I contacted an Lawer whom informed them that they could not cut my pay. I was them moved to the grill. Let me note that I have a degree in buss. management, I was flipping hamburgers for 6.44 an hour. Not to smart for big bussness. I left after 8 mo. Wal Mart can kiss my ass. I will never send anyone to Wal Mart looking for employment nor will I shop at Wal Mart after what I have seen first hand.

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