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An Idea to Educate Public about Multinational Behavior

Posted by: Todd Putnam ( Inst. for Consumer Responsibility, U.S. ) on July 01, 1999 at 01:39:07:

Has anybody else heard all the radio ads for deja.com? It appears to be a new--potentially huge-- consumer feedback/rating website. It is obviously still in the early stages. It would be a good time to hit it with lots of information about corporate policies and practices. The stuff should, theoretically, appear on their postings board for each corporation and help educate the public. It would also let the folks at deja.com know that people are interested in more information than whether a corporation is a good investment or a product actually lives up to its claims. So, let's get busy. Let's talk about Febreeze. Let's state how Chevron had environmental protesters in Nigeria murdered. Etc.
By the way. This multinational debating room is a great idea. Good work everyone!!

McSpotlight: Erm, deja.com is the new name for Dejanews; which functions as a public store of Usenet articles; it's not a feedback site in the main part.

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