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A great organization, ha.

Posted by: Peter on July 26, 1999 at 17:37:20:

In Reply to: why don't you get up and be counted ? posted by Dan Rose on July 13, 1999 at 13:34:42:

Wow, Dan. Thanks for that, I'll be sure to ask for a pay rise next time I see my manager and tell him I'm not happy. Hold on, you forgot something how can you voice and opinion without a voice?
Just remember, it your company at risk here not ours. Fix the problem or pay the consequences. A great organization, ha.

: If you aren't happy, either LEAVE or tell someone. Sitting down at your computer screen won't do anything. Have you said to your DM "I'm not happy" ? have you rang your state award centre and asked what your minimum wage ? I would suggest that you haven't, so before you take a stab at a great organisation, why don't you get up and be counted ?

: Dan

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