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Human safety comes first

Posted by: Just_da_Facts ( USA ) on July 27, 1999 at 18:32:36:

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P&G Eliminates Animal Tests On Broad Range Of
June 30, 1999

Safety of Consumer Products Confirmed through Alternatives

P&G Contact:
Mindy Montgomery Patton (513) 945-8039

Procter & Gamble announced today that it will end the use of animal tests for its current beauty,
fabric and home care, and paper products, except where required by law. This announcement
covers roughly 80 percent of P&G's total product portfolio, including color cosmetics,
shampoos and hairstyling products, skin care products, tissue and towel products, laundry and
dishwashing detergents, and household cleaners. This decision is effective immediately in all
countries where the company operates.

"Science and technology have advanced to the point where we can confirm the safety of these
finished products through non-animal alternatives," said Larry Games, P&G's vice president of
global product safety.

Over the last 15 years, P&G has invested nearly $100 million in the study and development of
alternative research methods. These methods include the development of historical research
databases, computer models, in vitro tests and other advances in toxicology. For example, a
product's potential to cause certain types of eye irritation can be evaluated today using cell
cultures rather than animals.

Before making this decision, P&G scientists analyzed all current non-food, non-drug products
against the availability of alternative approaches and conducted additional alternatives
research. This process, covering several hundred products sold in more than 140 countries,
confirmed that human safety for these products can now be determined using non-animal

Games noted that parents and poison control centers expect the company to know the safety
profile of its products and - if there's an accident in the home involving those products and
young children - to provide comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date information.

"Our cardinal rule is quite simple: Human safety comes first," Games said. "Our analysis of
non-animal alternatives made us confident that we could move forward with this decision and
still maintain our safety standards."

Games stated the company would continue to support research to develop non-animal test
methods for foods, drugs and new ingredients and technologies. The company will also continue
advocating reforms around the world to speed up the approval of reliable, non-animal test
methods and to eliminate regulations that require unnecessary animal tests.

Additional information on the company's support for alternatives can be found at

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