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Taco Bell

Posted by: Teresa Horn ( USA ) on August 04, 1999 at 19:27:07:

I was an Employee with a franchise in Goldsboro, NC 19633 and this was the worst co that I have ever worked for they harassed me and discriminated against me and I got we got the best people in the most highest places and there is nothing that you can do about it. This co did this for over 6 months and I can't even find anyone to help me with my situation and they destroyed my life as well as my family. They laugh about it all the time and look what they do to their custmers, I personally saw the district manager get a bag of meat out of the trash that an employee had thrown away and told him that there was enough meat left in the bag to make 3 more taco's. I would have left it in the trash but when he took it out and added to the rest of the meat that was sick. If i wouldn't eat it then it wouldn't get served, but not him he served it to the customers anyway. In all they fired me and said it was for something that i did wrong, but I didn't get anything untill I started to complain about the way that this man as well as the General manager was harassing me so they had to get rid of me cause I was making it hard on them .

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