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Posted by: Ananimous ( U.S.A ) on August 07, 1999 at 17:42:51:

You can bitch all you want to, but when our healthcare is controled by Corporate America, our polititians are owned by C.A.we will never be "Free". We will always be no more than slaves/pesants/serfs/indentured survents, there are more names, to those in control ie. C.A. We will never have a political establishment that is making decisions that are best for all Americans.

The only way this "Never Have" can change is if we take away the control Corporate America has of our politicians. The only way that could happen with real Campain Financing Reform.
Our present Campain Financing can be summed up in a simple equation:

$$$$ (To Politicians) = Changing Laws so Corporate America
gets more $$$$$$$ & control

Big Brother is not the Government. Big Brother is Corporate America.

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